The Aerial Photo Pod allows Aerial Photography projects to be managed easily with truly professional results.

The Aerial Photo Pod allows an extremely simple, easy and secure method of fixing of your camera to the wing strut of a high winged aircraft.  The Pod’s strut-mounted system does not require aircraft modifications. The views from the mounted camera offer amazing visibility of the view below, clear of the wing strut and other aircraft parts. The Aerial Photo Pod opens up the world of high quality digital imagery for a sensible price.
The Aerial Photo Pod Company Exhibition Stand at Aero Expo UK

Aerial Photography Projects

Through our experience flying for the Civil Air Patrol in the UK we noted a considerable gap in systems available for search and rescue. 
The Aerial Photo Pod is ideal for other aerial photography projects including:
  • Terrain mapping
  • Site mapping
  • Environmental Studies
  • Coastal Erosion Studies
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Property Marketing
  • Construction Planning

Take a look at some of Our Gallery images taken with a Canon 5D MkII camera mounted to The Pod

Canon 5D MkII mounted on The Pod

The Photo Pod Camera Mounting Plate is compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras

The camera plate has several pre-drilled holes to suit the majority of digital DSLR cameras currently on the market eg the Canon and Nikon ranges. For example if you own 3 cameras, Canon 5DMk 111, Canon 5DSR, Canon 6d, these can be fitted to the Aerial Photo Pod using the same mounting plate.  The same mounting plate can be used for both Canon and Nikon DSLR's
Tase camera mounted on The Pod

The Aerial Photo Pod Company wing strut camera mount

Complete Aerial Photography Camera Mounting System.

Affordable Aerial Photography System

Suited to both Serious Amateur and Professional Aerial Photographers

Easy to fit to the wing strut and ready to fly in appx 5 mins

Stable platform for Professional Aerial Photography

Front and rear cones available in black or white or mix and match

The Pod with Tase camera mount

The Aerial Photo Pod Camera Mounting System for Clear, Sharp Aerial Photography

The system has been designed primarily for high wing aircraft and is well suited to the Cessna range.  We will soon be adding a wing strut mount for the Gippsland GA8 Airvan to our list of compatible aircraft. 
Aerial Photo Pod Camera system weighs appx 6lbs


Strut Mount: Machined Nylon Block

Front and Rear Cones:  Twill weave fiber glass with gel coat

Main plate: Anodised aircraft grade aluminium

Camera Mounting Plate: Anodised aircraft grade aluminium

Fittings: Aircraft grade stainless steel