The Aerial Photo Pod, strut mounted camera system, provides a stable platform for producing excellent quality video

The Aerial Photo Pod Pan and Tilt Camera Mount

We are currently testing a prototype gyro stabilized mount designed to take any standard camcorder such as the Panasonic HC-X920 or smaller GoPro camera. This is a 3-axis system that provides stabilization in roll, pitch and yaw. The pan and tilt unit will give 360 degrees pan and 120 degrees in the tilt. To the best of our knowledge, this will be the first 3-axis video camera system designed for light aircraft.  We are aiming to have the finished product on the market by mid summer. 
York, England's first Capital City. York Minster and surrounding area.
Flamborough Lighthouse, on the Yorkshire Coastline, England

Our Gyro stabilised mount will open up the world of smooth, pin sharp aerial video without it costing the earth.

Alongside this will be a 3 axis system for a standard stills slr camera but still being compact in its design. We are aiming for this to be available later this year. Because of our design concept of being able to interchange the rear pod makes it the most flexible system on the market. Stay tuned in to our website for further developments!

Above: Inventor and Co owner of
The Aerial Photo Pod Company

Below: Aerial photo of A64, York, England
from our Cessna 172, Reims Rocket